Each diploma student chooses an individual project topic which best represents
his or her interests, knowledge and skills for their final Diploma project.

"Megamorphosis" is as much an ambitious proposal for a self-designing 3D printed skyscraper as it is a critique on the historical functionalism of the American automobile factories of the early 20th-century, most notably of the Packard factory located in Detroit, Michigan. Materialized as an ever-expanding architectural palimpsest of recycled materials and revitalized factorial processes, Megamorphosis begins where macroscale industrial and economic interdependence ends; the departure of the societal desire for multi-industry construction primarily beneficial for the stimulation of economic growth in favor of the 21st-century architectural ideal of the "closed system", as well as responding to the necessity of turning to the recyclability of our current resources to respond to our encroaching ecological and environmental crisis.

Diploma project by:
Simon Weishäupl
Spave Weaver
Exploration, curiosity and engagement are the core elements of the learning process. However, traditional educational architecture is usually static and lacks pedagogical qualities - it only accommodates the learning process but doesn't get involved. What if architecture becomes more adventurous towards children? What if school architecture could possess fictional qualities like transforming walls, windows moving around the wall, and roofs opening like flowers? What if the school could possess artificial consciousness and appear alive? What if students could physically interact: morph, play with structure? Could this new type of kinetic, intelligent school help to develop the future mentality towards the physical and social environment - more engaging, emphatic, democratic and innovative?

Diploma project by:
Simonas Sutkus