Each diploma student chooses an individual project topic which best represents
his or her interests, knowledge and skills for their final Diploma project.

An exploration into how artificial intelligence (AI) and its various forms of automation allow us to visualize, learn from and reconfigure the world around us.

Project by:
Ben Goern

How will the relationship between human and nature develop in the age of mixed reality and automatisation? How will we perceive nature in the digital age? Will it change our human habits and connection to nature?
In the time of climate change and biodiversity crisis we need to remind ourselves to our position in the natural world. With the dawn of the digital age and automatisation we need a new construct(definition) of nature, by including technology to its term.
FloraFutura creates a space for changing one's perspective towards nature. A space that turns the human from the anthropocentric to an ecocentric worldview and encourages individuals to preserve and respect nature, where nature, technology, and the individual are merging and interacting together. FloraFutura aims to create space for encouraging natural developments and raising the urgent needs of environmental awareness. A physical manifestation of ecocentric values, needs, and aspirations.

Project by:
Silvia Nanu

Autopia investigates the complexity of interchange infrastructure and how it can house a multitude of functions with innovative design decisions.

Project by:
Shilun Yang