Each diploma student chooses an individual project topic which best represents
his or her interests, knowledge and skills for their final Diploma project.

Hearing - one of our five key senses: It allows us to relate to our environment, giving us information on our surroundings, and lets us communicate with the species around us. Humans have in a very short time muted the vibrant sonic landscapes of their surroundings, replacing them with monotone noisescapes - an anthrophonic cacophony. Vestige investigates the need for a new sonic category, one relating to the impact of the built environment, giving it the name Archiphony, proposing the idea that architecture should play an active part in shaping our urban soundscapes for the better.

Diploma project by:
Emma Sanson
If natural occurrences can easily change our world, how should we control them? Italy's Mount Etna volcano, one of the world's most dangerous active volcanoes, has erupted countless times and people's lives have been affected by it. But it contains unique geothermal energy and mineral resources that we humans need in particular.
By collecting rainwater and injecting it into the volcano, it passively releases its pressure, and then converts the energy released into electricity, so that the volcano does not reach the state of eruption. The released lava will flow down the trench and cool to shape the new natural landscape, and it will be used as mechanical instruments to extract mineral resources from the solidified lava, The process of reshaping nature for processing and reuse.

Diploma project by:
Zhiyi Zhang
Siam's TrashAbsorber
The project aims to tackle Thailand's growing waste problem and worsening flood situation caused as direct results of climate change and increasing population growth. In order to do this the architectural design and program is intended to protect and restore the Chao Phraya estuary and stop waste splurging into the Sea. Primarily, by turning garbage into a construction material, which is used to create the floating city, of which its form and the notion to revive, the currently fading, culture of living on water, is inspired by traditional Thai cultures, art and vernacular architecture.

Diploma project by:
Witchaya Jingjit
"Chiaroscuro" looks at reinventing the nightclub typology into a space that caters to the escapist needs of contemporary society. The history of this typology is both a social as well as a technological one. Essentially, nightclubs make use of technology in a way that reconstructs the narrative of time and space - mostly by means of sensorial overstimulation, thus achieving a space that exists outside of social norms. The project is envisioned as a spatial allegory where architecture is meant to create immersive atmospheres that challenge the user's narrative sense making to the point of complete evasion from the quotidian.

Diploma project by:
Patricia Tibu