Each diploma student chooses an individual project topic which best represents
his or her interests, knowledge and skills for their final Diploma project.

TRACES I Trouble in the Away Away
A medicinal plant sanctuary for a pharmaceutical future of Ayurveda medicine in Bangladesh

Traces, outlines a concept for a medicinal plant repository in Bangladesh, that seeks to explore the future pharma of combining Ayurveda and western medicine.
The intent is to create an ambassadorial complex where medicine is grown, researched and distributed to the local community, to restore a historic culture of pharmacognosy, within an urban fabric. Whilst providing sanctuary for native endangered medicinal plants, which are at risk due to rapid climate change.
The building aims to take on an ecologically sustainable approach by reducing construction emissions to a minimum, through materiality and using passive energy techniques that draw from the natural climate. In doing so the little amount of energy needed to sustain the building can be generated on site. The building materials are sourced and fabricated locally from traces of climate change, giving the building an essence of belonging and eliminating the aspect of Awayness.

Diploma project by:
Jade Bailey
A Breathing School for Delhi
The Hindi expression "saans seekhana" can be translated to "breathe to learn". In Hindu philosophy the breath represents the central life-energy and plays a significant role in Indian culture. However, being able to breathe clean air in India is not a commodity but a luxury. The country is facing big challenges when it comes to air pollution. Children are especially vulnerable because their immune defence mechanisms are still developing. A safe and clean environment for children at school is therefor absolutely essential. This new school proposal taps into future learning concepts that call for greater independence among pupils while raising awareness to the problem of air pollution in Delhi and its impacts on children. Through cleaning the indoor as well as the outdoor air the project creates a space that benefits not only the school children but also the neighbourhood around.

Diploma project by:
Adriana Böck
Learning Urban Hub is a multi-used building located in San Jose, California. It connects an academic campus, student housing and business incubator in one development. The rapid change in the 21st century is affecting many aspects of our life. The social and economical backgrounds are crucial for any new campus development, therefore the project reacts to multiple problems bothering California. Builded on the structure of the existing mall, the campus is organized to form new integrated mixed use clusters for academic, research, business and student life. The main idea of the project is based on the paradigm shift in education from classic linear into a multicentre organic teaching system and the campus is looking for the architectural interpretation of organic learning. By its spatial organization, it is promoting interdisciplinary and project based collaborative learning. It is also creating a vibrant public realm to encourage the connection with local communities.

Diploma project by:
Monika Kalinowska