Hani Rashid
"Form follows means, means follow tools, tools yield to desires, and desire is everything"
Hani Rashid co-founded the New York-based office Asymptote Architecture with Lise Anne Couture in 1989. The practice has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of architecture, urban planning, art and design. Hani Rashid has received numerous awards and recognition for visionary projects ranging in scale from art installations to large scale building design. In 2000 Hani Rashid co-represented the United States at the 7th Venice International Architecture Biennale and in 2004 Asymptote designed the 9th Venice Architecture Biennale and was awarded the prestigious Frederick Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts in recognition of exceptional contributions to the progress and merging of art and architecture. In 2008 Hani Rashid served as the Kenzo Tange chair at Harvard University's GSD and has held visiting professorships at Princeton University, Columbia University in New York and the ETH in Zurich.

Founded in 1989 by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, New York City based Asymptote Architecture is a leading international architecture practice that has distinguished itself globally with intelligent, innovative and visionary projects that include building designs, master planning projects art installations, virtual reality environments as well as interiors and design.

Asymptote's approach in utilizing digital tools and technologies, contemporary theory, innovative building practices and advancements in engineering solutions and environmental sustainability have afforded the practice a broad and powerful perspective on all aspects relating to architectural building design and city planning.

Asymptote is currently working on a broad range of projects in the United States, Europe and Asia. Recently Asymptote's Yas Marina Hotel in Abu Dhabi has achieved world recognition as an important iconic building for the city of Abu Dhani and the UAE region. Asymptote is currently completing the ARC River Culture Pavilion, a multimedia museum in Daegu South Korea. Other projects under construction presently including two residential towers in the Yongsan district of Seoul, Korea, Twin towers in Zhehzou China and a headquarters for the ING bank in Gent Belgium.

Hani: Since we began some years ago the practise has evolved into being more like an art practice than a typical architects' office. We found ourselves working a great deal on experimental architecture and theory, and exploring more esoteric aspects of our discipline. Over the years, we have methodically transformed Asymptote step by step into a new typlogoy of architectural practice.

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